Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hi all.
Recently, my sweet dearie (PohYee) has been nagging me to update my bloggie. 
Laziness is the major reason for not updating my blog. *facepalm* 
Another reason is that sometimes there are too many things in my head to blog about, its just that I couldn't be bothered to dig them out. *doublefacepalm*

Thanks to pohyee for being 'nag-gy' (aww~ i've got a loyal fan here *giggling*) so here comes my new blog update.

A nice video to share. Bubz is talking about jealousy and gossip.

my views on jealousy and gossip:

To be honest, I don't get jealous that easy. It's quite rare to say this as a girl huh? 
I usually see thing as an inspiration and do my best in order to achieve that particular thing (if it's within my ability) instead of jealous of something I don't have. Maybe this is how i deal with jealousy?
 I always see jealous as an unhealthy and ugly behavior. It only leads you to behave like a bitch/bastard by bashing other people and eventually reveal your ugly inner-self. 

Well, everybody gets jealous, so it's important to deal with the jealousy and don't be the ugliest person on earth.

Gossip.... is something I don't really like too. but some people find it interesting and fun (even some of the boys do). I'm not judging, cause i'm not perfect too.
How to deal with your gossiping mouth? Share your wonderful life experience and complimenting others instead of gossiping or back-stabbing them. 

p/s: you won't make your life better by being jealous and gossiping about others. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

sweet and inspiring twins Jayesslee

It's been a year since I subscribed to their youtube channel and it's just random that I am so indulged to their channel today. lol. 

Try - Pink, love this cover by them :D

they're performing "What Faith Can Do" at City harvest Church in Singapore.

their vocals are amazing and they are such inspiring twins and youtubers i've ever seen. 

well done, and congratz to you guys Jayesslee for making it to have 1,000,000 subscribers! 

p/s: i'm totally inspired by them! youtube-singer-wanna-be! xD

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My First JOB

Hello Everyone! I'm back!:D

It's been a while since my last post. I'm having a 3-months-long summer breaks. I had been spending my super free time at home chilling out, watching The Vampire Diaries, Knitting, Web browsing and etc... and at the same time looking for a part-time job. 

Congratz to me because i finally got a part-time job -- working as a Health Care Assistant. sounds professional huh? heee!!

Thanks to my Supervisor (Miss Tina) of the lab i previously attached at. She's the one who offered me this position and I am very grateful of that. She really helps me a lot! :D 

The nature of work of this position is basically selling nutritional supplements and other health care products of USANA and ARII X. Frankly speaking, those products are quite pricey :X

I find this job quite relaxing and not much things to deal with. The only important thing is that I have to familiar myself with those products' names, their contents as well as their positive effects on human body upon ingestion.

oh well, i should get down to work now (I am in the shop now actually) :D

 ~Tschüs ~

Saturday, 17 November 2012

random # 5

We cannot expect everything to turn out the way we want it to.

Sometimes things or people will change unexpectedly and life is unpredictable, and we should move on with new hope, or choose alternative path -- turning point of life.

Stop sighing and whining on how unfortunate you are. Because there are lots of people out there suffering from poverty, hunger, fatal disease… etc.

And never expect others to accept all the bad sides of you, because everyone of us have different past and history which made us become what we are today. Never turn back. Stop regretting over the pasts and start moving on with new goals of life.

Think positively / optimistically. Be strong. Be yourself. :)

Be thankful /grateful for what you have.

p/s: when God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.


Friday, 12 October 2012


I'm so Korean today
as i went to Korea day 2012 event at Sunway pyramid:
wearing hanbok
eating rice cake and kimchi pancake, 
drinking korean fruit juice and rice wine, 
and greeting people in korean.

me in hanbok

me and my roommie in hanbok *LOVE*

Kimchi  pancake, RM5 for two pieces

rice cake, RM3 

another rice cake which I think it tastes better than previous one XD

strawberry and mango snow ice, RM3 each.

one of the ahjuma (aunty in korean) selling the rice cake greeted me and said 'you have very nice skin'. then I replied her with a smile and saying 'kamsamnida' (thank you in korean). hee~ 

and for dinner, I've cooked myself a bowl of kimchi ramen. juz simply like the taste of kimchi... yum.. yum. 

annyeong!!! ^^

Saturday, 6 October 2012

2nd of October

so, we've had this random thought to see T-ara at KLIA when my roommie actually 'stalked' the time of their flight landing to M'sia. They were coming for showcase here in M'sia.

and Chris, the curious kia agreed to fetch us to KLIA since he also interested in exploring new place. XD

actually I'm not really a big fan of T-ara, but I jz went to have a look at them even for few seconds to experience the atmosphere where fans crowded all over to welcome the stars at airport. 

while on our way to KLIA, we were playing with shuttle mode using DSLR that belonged to Chris. hehehe~ the effect really DAEBAK~~~~

and this effect reminds me of the background with neon lighting in the song 'Electric Shock' by f(x). xD

we arrived at KLIA after 45 mins of driving. and we saw a lot of fans crowded at the front door of arriving hall with hands full of presents and stuffs for T-ara members. awww~ so warm of them. LOL. 

we chose a viewing spot and standing there to wait for T-ara showing up their faces. tik tok tik tok... the time had passed and finally..... here they came.....

I saw EunJung first and then followed by Hyomin, Jiyeon, Ahreum, Boram, Qri and Soyeon. omgoshhh!!! they're all so pretty and even prettier than in pictures!!!

They passing by and fans were all welcoming them with their warmest heart, screaming, shouting the names of T-ara members, waving hands, taking pictures.....

due to the big crowd and the exit were blocked, so T-ara members were forced to reverse back and they actually stopped where we stand!!! OMGosh!!! never expected this to happen. and my roommie utilized her 'high-pitched' voice to shout out the names of T-ara members, they turned their face toward us and smile to us and waving to us... awwww~~~ >< can't describe how I really felt the moment they seeing us eye-to-eye >< i can only stand there watching them, keep waving my hands and smile back to them... that moment held for around 5 minutes and that's definitely enough for us as we're able to see them in such a close distance!!!!

and here are some blur pics taken due to the 'newbie' Chris doesn't know how to adjust the shooting mode -.-

this is the only clear pic, so lucky that Jiyeon was facing to us!!! 

T-are is 3rd artist that I saw with my own eyes. the first artist was Avril Lavigne when she had tour concert in M'sia someday on Feb (i forgot the date actually. lol) and the second artist was SNSD on 23rd March on the event Twin Tower @ live 2012. 

Let's just check out the photos below:

photos taken during Avril Lavigne tour concert: 
*sorry for the bad quality pictures ><*

photos taken during SNSD performing at the event - Twin Tower @live 2012:

*feeling lucky to have this kind of chance to see my favourite stars*


Genting trip

we've planned a 3 days 2 nights Genting trip before mid-sem breaks with our Darlingsss.
 at first we've been informed that the first day of the trip was supposed to be on 24/9 (Monday), so we told those sampat guys and they booked the room from 24-26/9. 

who knows plan has changed or perhaps due to the fact that i seldom check the event update on facebook or we heard it wrongly, we've been told 2 days before the trip that the first day of the trip was on 23/9 (Sunday) and they (Darlings) booked the room from 23-25/9. so... we've to make up our mind to choose which day we should go and which gang should we follow. 

me and my roommie had promised to have girls talk with our Darlings, so we decided to go on 23/9. however, we can't ffk those sampat guys too, so we decided to stay for another day until 26/9. our trip to Genting ended up to become 4 days 3 nights. lol >< 

me and my roommie on the way to scary Genting sky way. >< 

with all Darlingssssssssss

the funny magician - James

awww~ we're so in love ^^ 

and since no one wants to play at outdoor theme park so we all bought ticket for indoor theme park only. we played bumper car, roller coaster, experienced the 4D motion master and reindeer riding which is the most boring ride of all. hahahaha. xD 
indoor theme park one day pass. 

omo !!! >< two little cowards on the ride ><
reindeer ride is slow and  men-scary-kan. cz the carriage seems like shaking while running on the track >< me and my roommie actually 'whining' all the way until the the carriage stopped at the starting point. LOL. funny no? 

with Darlings again. xD

with my cute Darling. ^^

UH-OHhhh~~~ >< leng ma not even 153cm tall???? seriously???? LOL. 
but we still love u. hhehehe~~

and here we come.... snow world~~~~!!!
it's pretty cold in there that I kept shivering and my lips were actually drying and cracked. Ouch~~ ><

random pic of toes. haha xD

Last day spending with Sampat Guys.....
Rachel pushing TYC away.... LOL!!! 

my turn to push TYC Hahahahahaha~~~~ 

TYC and SEBASTIAN Pok-kai-ing while me and my dear roommie making love shape <3 <3

op.. op.. op.. op.. Oppa YuSeb Style.... ROFL~~ xDDD

captured using shuttle mode of DSLR.  heeee~

thanks guys for the fun sweet moments. love and miss you all. let's have more trips together in the future. :D

*all photos were taken and owned by Chris, Zixin and Raymond (the so-called zhang dong liang. LOL)*

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


'百感交集' is the best word to describe my feeling now ><

Pray that God will lead me through all these :')

21st of September

It was Monash Annual ball which held at Mandarin Oriental with 'Royale' as the theme of the ball. 
am not gonna blog about the bad parts of the ball that night, so enjoy reading. hehe. 
all girls and guys that attended for the ball that night were just too gorgeous and handsome in their pretty dresses and smart suits. 

i didnt put on heavy make up since i feel so uncomfortable with foundation covering my whole face. i jz simply applied artistry moisturiser and volumer (from etude house) to make my face look a bit shiny and more natural look. hehee~

here are some pics of me being tagged in fb by friends. i dont have a camera and did not take any pic with my phone
*thanks for the photos guys <3 *

the group pic which i like the most :D

cute Pohyee, sweet Yvonne and pretty Rachel. :D

pretty girls with one of the finalists of Mr. Monash, Joozjin. 

with sampat guys - Sebastian NWC, TanYuChin and ChrisCYK. LOL

with the so-called leng ma, Wai Xin. hee~

with my dear roommie. <3 

with kak ming :)

with gorgeous Su Ping, Sze Ying, and Janet. :)

with the Miss Monash, YinXian :D
with pretty Cherlie :)

with one of the finalists of Ms. Monash, Amanda Ong. :)
*this photo is very blur due to the bad lighting ><*

with charming Kristy Tay :)

all of us are students of Medical Bioscience, batch 2010. :D

these are the foods being served that night: breads as the starter, roma tomato as the appetizer, pan seared chicken breast as the main course, mango parfait as the dessert and friandises.
have no comment about the foods. lol. 
*photo taken and edited by PoKeng. :D *

my next post will be about Genting trip with my dearies and sampat guys. stay tuned. :D